Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Bouquet tossing anticipation.

Becky with Chase and then the dance with her Dad.

Becky dancing with brother Ben and beautiful young sister Kate dancing with Chase.

My favorite! This picture speaks many words of love, caring and trust.

Aunt Marjorie

Tenny (Father of Bride), with Tom (Uncle). Tenny and the ever so beautiful Christy (Mother of Bride)

Christy with her Dad, Jerry.

Dad walks her down the aisle and then performs the service.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Chase Lucas.

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  1. Wow, their wedding event was outstanding. I loved having a look at these photos because our wedding day is also approaching soon. We will be having an outstanding DIY ceremony at the indoor shabby chic themed party venue in Chicago. Really just can’t wait for the big day now.