Friday, February 13, 2009


The Canon AE-1 Program, that I bought in 1984 was the first serious camera I ever owned. It served me well for over a decade, until my daughter was born and I decided a Nikon N60 with auto focus would better serve my needs. I shelved my Canon and replaced it with a the Nikon.

Ten years later, I decided get it off the shelf. After a good CLA and light seal replacement, it was good as new.

I don't use any of my cameras as much as I would like, and this one is always a fun one to shoot with. We had a thaw here in Iowa last week and I took the Canon for ride in the country.

My niece Melanie was probably the person I photographed most with this camera. We were together a lot at that time and she was always ready to pose.

I took this picture of my computer screen while viewing Melanie's Flickr page.

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