Monday, February 9, 2009


The Ansco Super Regent is actually an Agfa Super Solinette, made by Agfa Camera Werk in Müchen, Germany. They were produced from 1954 through 1960. I was also produced in 1954.

It is a 35mm folding camera, with a coupled rangefinder sporting an excellent Solinar lens. When I got this, the focusing ring was locked up, due to the lubrication used at factory solidifying, as is usually the case with these cameras. The method I used to unfreeze it was, to use a hairdryer to heat it, then carefully pry it loose with a screwdriver on each side while applying small amounts of lubricant to the back threads. Once it got loose enough to turn with my fingers, I did, until I wore a blister on my thumb from turning and lubricating so much.

Finally the thumb healed, the camera was tested and everything was perfect.

I used this camera to photograph our High School's, Marching Band road trips this past Fall. It folds up and fits nicely in the back pants pocket, allowing one to roll a ladder-platform out to the back 50-yard line. Those pics can be viewed here.

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