Wednesday, July 8, 2009


One of the oddest looking cameras in my collection is the "Imperial Debonair", A Herbert George Co. camera. It has a single plastic lens and takes 620 film which one has to respool from 120 film, (no big deal). These can be found on eBay quite inexpensively. Don't you just love the little lens shade above the lens?

Most of the photos I've taken with this camera were done before I had a film scanner and so were processed as prints in the darkroom and never digitized. The bottom photo is one of my favorites taken with the Imperial Debonair. It's not a film scan but just a scan of the small print. I need to look up some of those old negatives and scan them, someday when I have time.


  1. That is a neat camera!

    I was going through my antique drawers (I love antiques) and found a kodak bullet camera that was my great grandpa's. I don't know how old it is, but I'm googling right now. He died in the '50's so it is older than that. I will be blogging about it sometime if I find anything interesting about it.


    This is it

  3. And this it to too

    Sorry, I bet I'm annoying you.

  4. hey there; recently received one of these as a gifts and would love to learn more about using it. I do hope you scan more images